Vina cotta made here - Earlier this year at Danks Street

It’s an Italian secret. It’s Vino cotto. See it made.

One Saturday we were crushing the grapes and cooking them to make Fourth Village Vino cotto, an agrodolce (sweet and sour) condiment. What can you do with it? It’s actually more a question of what you can’t do with it.  

Uses to deglaze the pan when you fry meat or fish and you’ll have a syrupy sauce to pour over the finished dish.
Drizzle it on fresh cheese
Pour it over gelato
Pour it over baby beets before roasting them in olive oil.
Also pour it over figs, apricots plums or quinces before roasting them.
Macerate strawberries in it and then serve them with mascarpone.
Or drizzle it over a radicchio salad

Watch this space to see what is happening at the merchants and see it made and used. You’ll wonder how you lived without Vino cotto 

Only at Fourth Village Providore at Danks Street Produce Merchants.

(1 hour free parking across the road at the Casba)

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