End of 2017 harvest olive oil pressing in Danks Street this weekend

The last of the olives from the 2017 harvest, picked at Fourth Village Estate (the Quattroville family farm at Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley), will be pressed on the floor of the Danks Street Produce Merchants daily on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 May.

This crop will mainly be Frantoio olives as they take longer to ripen. Will there be any difference from the earlier season oil?

“The olives will be riper” Peter Quattroville reported from the estate, “so the oil will be slightly more mellow, but they’ll still have that terrific fresh green flavour you only get from just pressedoil.”

As happened at the beginning of the season, the olives will be delivered fresh from the farm and then tipped into our centrifugal olive press. Then out will pour fresh, green first press olive oil, ready to be tasted, savoured, bottled, and bought. Join us on the market floor to see the olives being pressed and to taste the oil as it pours out.

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For further information, media bookings and private tours contact: please contact Dominic Quattroville / Ben Quinn at 0418 833 118 or email at danks@producemerchants.com.au.