Sydney Sustainable Market: Danks Street Produce Merchants

Here at Danks Street Produce Merchants/Fourth Village Providore, we generate more than 1/3 of the energy we use for the whole site from our extensive rooftop natural Solar energy plant. Solar generate electricity with no associated air pollution emissions. Generating electricity from renewable energy rather than fossil fuels offers significant benefits to the public and the business. It’s more environmental friendly and we are able to reduce the daily running cost; to provide our service and produce the products in a reasonable and affordable price for everyone. Our site is also fitted out with energy-saving LED lighting. LED lighting allows us to reach full brightness instantly, contain no mercury or lead, cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce landfill. We carefully minimise waste and care about the environment.

FACT:  We reduce carbon emissions by 12,000 Tons of Carbon per month here at Danks Street through our solar plan..

Remember the documentary "War on Waste" on ABC? The sheer volume of fruit and vegetables that were simply tossed out by many major commercial supermarkets, despite the months of work and energy that goes into growing them. “It’s very hard to make fruit or vegetables come out in a perfect way,” “I saw a zucchini that were too big to be sold, because of one extra day’s rain, it’s crazy. Said Reucassel. Final episode of War on Waste on ABC on the 3 December, 7:40pm, now available on ABC iView #WarOnWasteAU 

At Danks Street Produce Merchants, we do not reject imperfect fruit & vegetables, nor toss them out from the farmers. In fact, we make the imperfect pick into an excellent unique ranges of products by Fourth Village Providore. Imperfect pick significantly helps to reduce waste of fruit & vegetables which directly helps local Aussie farmers. The produce that farmers have laboured over to produce for us with water, nutrients, and energy the sun are same for all fruit and vegetables. So it is just as healthy to consume Imperfect pick produce. Support local Aussie produce and removes dependence on imported fruit and veg.

The range of products at Danks Street Produce Merchants includes:
·              Soups
·              Sauces
·              Juices
·              Relish
·              Sambel
·              Peste
·              Jams
·              marinade
·              chutney
·              Marmalade
·              Salsa Verde
·              Nectar
·              Lemon-anade / Lime-anade

With each item, our Fourth Village Chefs in our state of the art commercial kitchen use our Nonna's family recipes to make highest quality, flavoursome and unique products for you. They are only available through our Mosman and Waterloo stores. 

We were honoured to have City of Sydney, Deputy Lord Mayor, Jess Miller, come to visit Danks Street Produce Merchants on the 11 November. She is one of the youngest people to hold elected office. Jess is currently Deputy Chair of the Environment Committee. She is also passionate about supporting local business and sustainability. Similarly, Danks Street Produce Merchants and Fourth Village Providore has always had a practised commitment to sustainability.

Danks Street Produce Merchants Sustainable Market