Mount Majura Vineyard: Free Wine Tasting

Mount Majura Vineyard: Free Wine Tasting at Danks Street Produce Merchants

Danks Street Produce Merchants x Mount Majura Vineyard
FREE Wine Tasting & Sales on the 11/11/2017 10:30AM-15:30PM

What you need to know aobut Mount Majura Vineyard: 
Apart from an exceptional vineyard, there is one thing you need to make great wine: a committed group of people.
Frank van de Loo, Winemaker

Mount Majura Vineyard lies near the top of the Majura Valley, just outside the city of Canberra. The valley floor, too frosty in Spring for vines, was a camping area and transit corridor for the original Ngunnawal people.

The site for Mount Majura Vineyard was selected from a geology map, exploiting a small patch of limestone on an east-facing slope.

The limestone is mixed with volcanic rock, and both are very old, dating from the Silurian (430 million years). The red, iron-rich soil that has developed from these parent rocks has an almost neutral pH, some clay that gives water holding capacity, and excellent structure, allowing water to infiltrate and roots to penetrate to depth.

The first Tempranillo vintage in 2003 was a revelation, unlike any other variety we were making. It had tremendous perfume, as well as intensity and structure. That wine still drinks well today, and we deliberately make our Tempranillo in a style suited to ageing.

Tempranillo is our flagship variety, and arguably the most exciting variety in the world today. It is of course the great red variety of Spain, but it is also the variety being most rapidly planted in the world.